Altai wild water

The place of power in the heart of the Altai mountains brings into the world its pristine Petroglyph® water

Place of power

Altai is an exceptional place. It is a place of power. In the process of their formation the Altai mountains revealed the most powerful sources of energy and geomagnetism. People here breathe deeply, children are born more often, and the soil is more fertile. Amazing energy of this place has always attracted and is still attracting millions of people

Stone energy

Cold stones of the Altai mountains still bear the works of primitive artists, prints of the horse hooves left by merchant caravans carrying their goods along the Great Silk Road, and traces of hundreds and thousands of pilgrims and travelers. Nature is no longer divided into animate and inanimate Everything is alive in this world, everything has its vibrations and, thus, has its own voice that you can hear in the stones and minerals, the most ancient ‘dwellers’ on our planet.


Petroglyph® water spring is in a unique pristine area with its own microclimate. This virgin territory gives us pure crystal clean naturally mineralized water that bears memories of great times and incredible power of energy, the energy of Altai.Declaration of conformityCertificate of conformity


Only the nature of the Altai mountains could ideally balance the Petroglyph® water obtained from the depths of Cherga ridge foothills. Petroglyph® water is mineral natural potable table beverage for daily consumption.

Chemical composition, mg/l

Na++K+Sodium + Potassium

Total salt content — 0,3 – 0,7 g/l

Crystal pure water

It has the same taste as the water from a spring that you scoop with your hand.

0,375 L

Individual size

1,250 L

Business size

The progressive ideally proportioned and geometrically balanced bottle design has been developed for people full of life energy, for people with a fine aesthetic sensitivity who do not need a glass when they are thirsty.  

Wild nature — strong taste

Individual size 0.375 l bottle. Drinking Petroglyph® water from this bottle you notice that it fits well in your hand. You don’t need to throw this «smart» bottle back over your head, it is well-balanced in such a way that you can drink from it keeping an eye contact with your companion enjoying every gulp of natural water. 
Business size 1.250 l bottle. It will surely contribute to the business reception status, balance negotiations, boost your energy during extreme intellectual activities. Petroglyph®  water is for those who got the zest of life, who appreciate every single moment of it, and who can face the impossible. This bottle size is ideal for any conference room and at work place.

Ergonomic bottle 

Bottle is well-balanced in such a way that you can drink keeping an eye-contact with your companion.

Premium design

Petroglyph® water will add to a business reception status and will go well with business environment.

Optimum size

Petroglyph® water fits in the fridge door, and vertically enters in the space between the shelves contributing to its elegant organization.
51°55'13"N 85°20'54"E
Altaiskoe village
Altai Krai, Russia

Triply Altaic

Altai is the basin of pristine vital force. It is pure energy accessible for a human through vibrations of the ancient source. These vibes are everywhere just like fluids: in water, stones, soil and air. Triply Altaic — it is the name of the place of  Petroglyph® water’s origin — Altayskoye village, Altai Region, Altai. It is the place of picturesque landscapes Altai foothills and  ridges. High concentration of energy forms a  dense ring in the area of  the old Chuya route passing through this village. This powerful invisible screen functions as a huge battery charging the environment with dynamic creative force. Soil located within this ring  is fertile and  generous. There is one interesting fact: it is only here in the vicinity of Altayskoye village that the grapes, peaches and watermelons grow  - it is a true idyll surrounded by the severe Altai nature. Ancient people who lived here were very skillful to use this asset with love and gratitude  drawing earth energy from this place of power.
Just like in the past the Altayskoye village nowadays is a mecca of herbalists. There are dozens of rare medicinal plants on hill slopes. Back in the 30s of the past century Ivan Michurin, a famous Russian scientist, founded unique gardens here that are still alive. The local winery produced wines and juices from the berries and fruit cultivated in those gardens. It was namely here back in 50s of XX century that the research workers drilled a well; the water from this well outstands with its unbelievable taste of wilderness. When bottled this artesian water has physical and chemical characteristics equal to spring water. This water nourished with energy of the unique place transmits its vibes to people across thousands of kilometers. The voice and the taste of Petroglyph® water will awaken the growth, development and creativity potential. 

Everywhere where the natural energy is required

In modern world the truly natural water represents a high quality of life. Water obtained in the place of power fills a person with earth energy no matter how technological their life is now. When you need will, clear mind, spiritual strength and positive attitude Petroglyph® water will connect you with the source of life power and wisdom of the times. 

Dear friends, workers of offices, sports clubs, congress halls, airport business lounges, hotels and restaurants — we supply Petroglyph® water for you from the heart of Altai. Our partner can be a company that shares the value of life in harmony with nature. Petroglyph® water on your table shows respect and care for your guests, clients and partners in most simple, but very important details.

Individual size

Group packing4,5 L
12 × 0,375 L
Euro pallet441 L
98 × 4,5 L

Business size

Group packing7,5 L
6 × 1,250 L
Euro pallet600 L
80 × 7,5 L

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